in-beTWEEN is a 6, 8, or 12 week program 

created by Ryan Boudreaux of YHY especially for 10 - 14 year olds.

We explore our inner strengths, community, and our world through 

asanas, journaling, community volunteering, and arts & crafts.

in-beTWEEN offers a safe space for tweens to explore their world

and themselves in a compassionate and thoughtful way.

in-beTWEEN supports the nurturing of values and life skills parents impart on their children.

In our fast changing world, it is challenging for tweens to

navigate their way through modern life obastacles.  

The in-beTWEEN program addresses the need to build self-esteem, empathy,

and connection in an age-appropriate and engaging way. 

BENEFITS of in-beTWEEN yoga


Through the practice of asanas and breathing exercises we learn to be present in the moment and how to use this skill in real life situations.


"Whatever IT is, make the best of IT!"

When things do not go as planned we get to learn how to accept that and choose our next steps thoughtfully and powerfully.


In every class we work together to achieve our day's goals.  We are supportive of our friend's efforts and help each other out.


We practice falling down - literally and figuratively - and learn that it is our intentions and fortitude that make us who we are, not our failures and triumphs.


We practice asanas and find joy in challenging ourselves to add more, stay steady, or ease off by paying attention to our own body's needs.


Under teacher supervision, yogis are encouraged to take initiative by leading activities, and help each other out by sharing, supporting, and encouraging one another. 

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